Structural Steel Services

Structural steel work designed by Precision Design and Fabricating, Inc. for the Freedman II residence


Precision Design & Fabricating, Inc. boasts many capabilities and services to help our clients with their projects, including becoming an L.A. Certified Job Shop (#2052) in 2007.

Being an L.A. City Certified job shop makes it that much easier for our clients to submit and receive a final inspection for their project as our methods are on file and meet or exceed the requirements of the most respected inspection institution in the country.

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Mobile and Shop Welding

We support many different welding processes including; SMAW (typically E70XX, E80XX, or E90XX), FCAW (E71-T8), and FCAW-G (E71-T1). Each process is available both at our shop and as a part of our mobile service. All of our welders are AWS certified and have currently never failed non destructive testing (UT) for full penetration welds. Fillet, full and partial penetration, flare bevel, bevel groove, slot, plug, and any other AWS pre-qualified joint is absolutely no problem for our welders.

We are also able to provide welding for purposes other than structural steel for homes. Contact us and we can discuss the details.

Material Handling and Delivery

Structural steel work designed by Precision Design and Fabricating, Inc. for the Pievac residence

Our 15 ton crane easily handles most of our installation needs, as well as decreases installation costs to our end clients as crane costs are included in our bid. We have a main boom reach over the rear of 80' @ 3,200 lbs., and 109' at 1,200 lbs with the jib secured. Our crane and a licensed operator are also available for rent to serve the San Diego and Orange County areas.

We offer our own trucks for delivery service as well. Some items may require the use of either a crane, or forklift to be unloaded safely. Please contact us for pricing details for our crane or trucks. All of our equipment includes the cost of a trained operator.

Fabrication and Installation

Our current specialty is to supply the needs of super custom homes with structural steel to include: Wide flange (I-beams), Tube Steel, Hollowed Structural Steel, Pipe, Flat Stock, Plate Stock, T Sections, L-iron, Robinson decking, Nelson Studs, and weldable Rebar. We are currently able to produce between 7,000 and 20,000 lbs. of finished structural steel a week to accommodate our customer's needs, depending on the intensity of fabrication to each piece.

We have fabricated and installed projects as large as a 21,000 sq. ft. residence with 240,000 lbs. of steel, but also enjoy smaller projects as well. We are fully capable to provide structural steel for both new and remodel construction.

Our drafting department, headed by Mr. Myers, has been very successful to find and work with engineers, architects, and other trades to alleviate problems before we fabricate and erect our steel components.

We also offer fabrication of custom brackets for wood and concrete attachments in accordance to provided detailed drawings of what is required. If other companies are unable to meet your specifications and timelines contact us. Our lead times are usually a fraction of what the big guys quote and include all applicable mill certifications.

Special coatings are also available at an additional charge, including galvanizing, zinc arc spray, red oxide primer, etc. Unfortunately we do not provide finished coatings as they are usually scratched during the delivery process. Please contact us for pricing and lead time details.

Unfortunately we do not offer any ornamental iron services at this time.


We offer manual and track cut oxy/acetylene cutting, plasma cutting, and small saw cutting applications to better service our clients, depending on what is required of our clients. Please contact us for more information.

** Coming soon, a metal brake capable of 6' x ½"thick material and CNC Plasma Cutting.**